January Practices


January is the month of nurturing the seed of our soul that longs to express itself in the coming year.

What seed do you want to plant for the coming year? How will you cultivate it?

Suggested practice for discovering and cultivating your soul seeds:


Spend 7 minutes each morning utilizing “Stream of Consciousness Writing” technique to complete the following statement:

My soul wants to express itself by…

Stream of Consciousness Writing is a technique where you begin writing and continue writing without lifting your pen from the paper or stopping writing before the allotted time. You continue to write whatever comes out no matter what you write. After a time, you will notice a shift in what moves onto your paper. Do not judge it; just let it flow.

This process is sometimes called Morning Papers, and comes from the book The Artist’s Way,  by Julia Cameron. After doing this process for a few days, you will start to discover that it gets easier and easier to move into the unconscious writing, which is when the soul will start to communicate through your pen.