December Practices

Annapurna and Prayer WheelsDecember is the beginning of winter–the time of deep silence and retreat.

It is a time when Nature stops, rests and gathers strength and wisdom for the coming burst of new life in the spring. In the silence of winter, we discover our own essence, deep in our own heart. Nature calls us to reconnect with what we already know–the wisdom of our own heart.

We only just need to stop, be still, and listen…deeply listen to the the small voice of our soul. It’s calling us all the time, but we live lives so busy and full of noisy distractions that we can’t hear our soul…the desire that is deep in our own heart.

Suggested practice to connect with the wisdom in our heart:

Take time during this winter season to be still and listen to your own heart. Take a silent walk in Nature. Let the trees, mountains, streams speak to you of this silence. They will speak in the language of silence and deep stillness. Feel it deep within you.

Surrender to the silence that is deep in your own heart. And it is within that silence that your soul will speak to you in the most subtle ways.

Take a journal with you on your silent walk. Find a quiet, secluded place to sit. Take a moment to center and connect by slowly and deeply breathing in the silence that surrounds you.

As you exhale, let all the chatter of your mind go out with your breath.

Take five to seven deep, long and slow breaths and then, from this place of inner stillness, ask yourself this question: What do you, dear soul, want me to know at this time?

Then start writing without filtering or stopping…just keep writing for five minutes or more. At some point your ego-mind will give up and the voice of your soul will sneak out in your writing.

Let it flow without judgment or edit. Be open to hearing your soul’s wisdom in the silence of Nature’s winter.
After you are complete, give thanks to your soul for sharing its wisdom, and give thanks to the beautiful surroundings of Nature for providing you the silence to hear your soul’s voice.