August Practices

Moraine Lake

August is the peak of summer…a time when the heat of summer urges us to slow down and move with more awareness and stillness.

In a world so full of sound and movement, how do we cultivate the ability to stop, become silent and still, like the surface of a lake at dawn? With so much outside distraction and mental activity, how do we truly hear the voice of our soul?

The miracle that comes only when we are quiet enough to hear the soft and subtle voice of our deep heart.

Suggested practice to slow down and cultivate awareness, silence and stillness:

Spend 7 minutes each morning, before the heat of the summer’s day rises and look around you; see deeply into life.

Allow yourself to be drawn into a flower, a tree, a leaf, a bug, a candle flame, a still lake, your lover’s eyes.

Let your attention be captivated by life.

Through deep focus and attention, your mind becomes still, like the surface of the lake.

From cultivating the mind to be fully present, you enter into the fullness of the present moment and your life becomes a moment to moment experience of gratitude for the beauty, magnificence and fullness of creation.