April Practices


April brings the first signs of new life.

Flowers start to bloom; trees push out their new leaves. The birthing of new life is everywhere and is evident by the vibrancy emanating from the flowers and trees. The sunlight continues to expand; the earth starts to warm.

What is flowering within you?
What new life is budding, growing and taking shape?
How are you nurturing and celebrating the blossoming of your new life?

Suggested practice for nurturing and celebrating your blossoming new life:

Take a daily 7 minute walk among the flowers and trees.

As you walk among the trees and flowers, notice how the light illuminates each leaf and petal.

Look closely at the magnificence unfolding in each flower or bud.

Listen to the whisperings of the trees.

What do they evoke within you? Breathe the scent of new life in each flower.

What do they have to tell you about birthing life? About being alive?

You may want to bring a small journal to record your experiences and teachings.

Enjoy the process!