Who am I? What is God? Why am I here?

susnet_julyNews_wmWho am I? What is God? Why am I here? What does it mean to evolve? What does it mean to live my greatest self?

Why have I spent the last thirty years obsessed with searching for the answers to these questions?

My journey to answer these questions began not long after I graduated from Cal Poly with my BS in Applied Mathematics. After over six years of working while putting myself through college, I landed a job as a computer scientist at one of the National Laboratories. The job launched me into my professional career and set me up to meet two people who would have a profound impact on my life.

The first was a woman I met during my new employee orientation training. Sitting at a small table with two others, she introduced herself to me. We got to know each other through the interactive exercises, and continued getting to know each other over lunch. That was when she said something that confused me, “I’m spiritual, but not religious.”

Growing up attending a very conservative Protestant church, I had come to believe that spirituality and religion were inseparable. Many years earlier, I had rejected those structured beliefs, but something about what she said fascinated me. She went on to tell me about her exploration of many different esoteric spiritual orientations that led her to a new realization about who she was and the nature of God. This amazed me!  I had never heard about any other ideas of God and the Universe beyond the singular message I was taught in church and Sunday school. It opened my eyes to an entire new world called spirituality! Something deep inside me stirred, bringing up a renewed interest about the nature of God and the Universe.

Then, coincidentally, in the office building where I was working, I met a Japanese man who was also recently hired to work at the Lab. Through our early conversations he shared with me his Buddhist upbringing and some of the esoteric spiritual frameworks he was exploring. I had never even heard of Buddhism let alone the concept of reincarnation, past lives and alternative realities. He gave me the book Initiation. This too opened my mind to a vast new world that excited me, scared me and piqued my curiosity to learn and explore more.

Those two pivotal people started me on an exploration that became an obsession and truly shaped the course of my life. I began a journey of investigation that spanned Native American spirituality, Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Tantra, Vedic Science, Judaism, meditation, the tarot, human potential, shamanism, energy healing, dreams and theosophy, just to name a few. It led me to Iowa where I spent a year studying the Vedic technologies of consciousness, receiving a second masters in the “Science of Creative Intelligence,” how God manifests the Universe. The questions that arose in me from that first conversation with my new friend at the Lab were finally answered.

After graduation in Iowa, I returned to California to begin a new life—a life dedicated to expanding consciousness and sharing all that I had learned. With renewed passion, I dove into more personal growth training and spiritual study adding life coaching, spiritual guidance, energy healing, tantric relationship counseling and other modalities to prepare for my new career.

Yet after all of this exploration that deeply shaped my life, creating both profound ecstatic expansive experiences and ruthless heart-wrenching dark-night-of-the-soul experiences, I only recently gained the answer to my question of why I am obsessed with seeking answers to the great questions of existence.

HD MandalaFour years ago, I was introduced to a self-awareness system called Human Design. It showed me the blueprint of my soul’s unique expression that was created within me the moment I was born. After learning my Human Design I finally understood my life path and my inborn gifts, talents and purpose. It clearly illuminated why I have spent the last 30 years seeking answers to the deepest questions about the nature of my life, God and the Universe. It is my life’s purpose to grow, evolve and be a role model and guide for living our greatest self. It is innate to who I am, and all I have experienced these past 30 years gives me the ability to guide others wishing to live the life they were designed to live.

Since I started honoring my Human Design, I am navigating my life with greater ease, grace and confidence. I have an accurate unique picture of my soul’s potentiality and a guide for its journey of individuation. It reveals the person I was born to be.

In the course of studying Human Design, I became a certified practitioner, and it has become a vital step in my work with clients. I am passionate about helping people express their full potential and guiding them to live a fulfilling, purpose-driven life every day.

I would love to explore your Human Design with you, if you desire to live your life with more meaning, more grace, more ease and more confidence—the life you were born to live!

Please email me (Nancy@NancyMonsonCoaching.com) or use this link to easily schedule a 20-minute call on my calendar.