September Practices

Fall_Colors_wmSeptember is the month of the Autumnal Equinox,
when we shift from summer to fall.

Fall is a time of harvest and endings…a celebration of the fruits of our unfoldment over the spring and summer.

For hundreds if not thousands of years, the time of harvest has brought both a time of increased activity as we scurry to gather our bounty in preparation for the coming winter and a time of endings as we prepare to let go of what has occupied our attention since spring. This is the season to take stock of the fruits of our soul’s journey over the past two seasons. Taking time to integrate our learnings supports the unfoldment and individuation of our soul. Without taking stock of what we have learned and how we have changed we limit our ability to grow and face the coming challenges and opportunities of life in new and more fulfilling ways.

As the autumn season unfolds, be sure to take the time to reflect and distill all that you have experienced and learned over the past two seasons of your soul’s journey.

Take 7 minutes each day to review your life’s journey (your journal if you’ve been keeping one) over the spring and summer.

– Write down (or highlight in your journal) the pivotal or key experiences and insights from this time. To complete the entire spring and summer could take several days, so don’t rush it!

– Once you have completed your review, distill your key learnings and insights into one or two sentences that represent the essence…the gift that you will bring forward with you into the coming winter season of retreat.

– Identify any practices or changes that you might want to make in your life to support keeping this essence alive for you.

In this way, you will be integrating your learnings and experiences in support of the continued unfoldment of your soul. Complete with a blessing for yourself as you go forward into the coming winter season.