Phoenix Rising

In the process of Inner Alchemy—the journey of one’s soul to express its full potential—the archetypal element fire represents two aspects of transformation. Like the story of the phoenix rising from ashes to create a new life, fire both burns away what no longer serves one’s life and also sparks new life that arises from the space made. For the past several weeks, the element of fire has been very visible in my life—both literally and figuratively—doing just that.

Everyday Spirituality, John Muir TrailDuring my 14-day, 155-mile backpack through the High Sierra in August, my hiking partner and I encountered smoke from various fires on almost half of the days we were on the trail. Toward the end of the trek the smoke at times was so severe it felt like walking in a snowstorm. By then, the only way out of the intense smoke was to continue on to our exit trail.

Less than a month after returning from my trek, a huge fire that devastated over 70,000 acres and hundreds of homes in two counties hit my community. Thankfully the fire was not quite close enough to my home to force me to evacuate; unfortunately, some of my family members and many of my friends were not so fortunate.

Monitoring the fire and staying in touch with my family consumed much of my time in September, which on the heels of my backpacking trip, created a continuous focus on fire for most of the summer.

For me my outer world is a reflection of my inner world, which led me to ask:

What were these fires telling me about what was going on in my life?


Everyday Spirituality, New Life GrowsFire is a merciless element that brings both destruction and creation. Not long after a burn, new life emerges from the space created by a fire.

This begs the question, what is burning away in my life to make room for a new life to be lived?

The answer is clear.

Just before I left for my Sierra backpack trip, my sole remaining corporate client shared with me that they were shifting their leadership development to a new consultant in support of implementing their new strategy. While I knew in my heart this was a good thing for both of us, it was still a big blow. Just like the fires that wiped out everything in their path, the ending of that relationship wiped out what had been my main source of income for the last eight years.

As I began my backpack with this new development in my life, I realized this trip was a pilgrimage to let go of the life I had been living and prepare for the new life that was about to be born—a life that I have been dreaming of for many years. With every step forward toward the fires on that trip I was being shown that my old life was burning away.


Everyday Spirituality, CalcinatioThe metaphor of the fire burning away my old life continued with the most recent fire that threatened my family and friends’ homes. The fire burned the trail where I run, leaving another lasting reminder that my old life is gone.

What has now become clear to me is that a new purpose for my work is emerging—a purpose that I know in my soul will be my greatest contribution to the expansion of Consciousness this lifetime.

Coincidentally (or not), just before I left on my trek two things happened. I agreed to co-host an Internet radio show on living a soul-directed life, and I auditioned for several speaking and writing opportunities oriented around women’s empowerment.

When I returned, I discovered that I had been offered several opportunities to share my message to women about how to live an empowered, fulfilling, soul-directed life through the gift of the midlife passage.


My own phoenix is rising out of the ashes of my last corporate engagement, and it is fueling me forward. On my backpack, I received a vision of what was to come in my life. That vision is now manifesting in all sorts of opportunities for me to share my message of the true gift of midlife—the gift of living a soul-directed life every day.

If you want to learn more about the Inner Alchemical process of the midlife passage for liberating your soul to express its full potential, I have a gift for you.

Here on my site you will see the link to download a free guide I created which outlines the purpose and process of the midlife passage. Embedded in the guide is a link for a complimentary Soul Design Discovery Session that, if you feel called, I invite you to apply for. I would be honored to support you in stepping into your full soul brilliance.

May your soul journey this fall be blessed with clear guidance and a loving heart.