My gift to you!

A Seven Minute Relaxation Meditation. Enjoy!

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The Midlife Transition can be one of the most challenging. It's much more than "just a phase" you're going though. My guide can help you understand what's really happening!

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Ready for Clarity?

Unless you are consistently living your soul’s design, you're facing situations that could be easier. Your Human Design will show you how with the Get Soul Clarity Now Program!

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Mentoring & Guidance

I'm your Soul Purpose Advocate through your midlife transition!
My programs support women through this transition as they answer their soul's calling and find their joy.

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The Fire of New Life: The Second Phase of my Transformative Journey

Over the last month I have been settling into my new home and beginning the process of creating my life here in Jackson. It’s been a crazy mixture of excitement, joy, creativity, exploration, grief and more letting go. While the dissolving of my old life in the Bay Area is well underway, the fire of

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Letting Go: The First Phase of My Transformative Journey

When I chose to answer the call of my soul to individuate—to become the unique authentic being I am born to be—my transformation journey began. The first phase in any transformation is the dissolving of the old life and ego identification. In Inner Alchemy, it’s called Solutio, and it is associated with the water element.

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