Nine-Month Mentoring Program

26 Prayer WheelsDuring major transitions in your life, you can feel overwhelmed, lost, exhausted and unsure of how to move forward to create a more meaningful life. No where is this more evident than in the midlife passage—the time when your soul calls you to individuate—to let go of the life you have lived that is either ending or no longer bringing joy—and create a life that gives meaning, fulfillment and a greater expression of your true gifts and talents—one that allows you to live your soul’s purpose and potential.

It takes nine months to grow and birth a baby, and Nancy created a nine-month mentoring program to do just that…help you rebirth YOU into your soul’s potential and create a life that aligns with your purpose.

Spring boarding off the Get Soul Clarity Now!, Ignite Your Purpose or 90-Days to Your Unique Brilliance program, this nine month mentoring program supports you in recreating your life in alignment with your soul’s potential and purpose. While those programs create fundamental transformation within your being, it takes time and focus to recreate your life to align with the truths and new resonances you receive from those transformational programs.

The impulse for the soul to individuate—to living your full potential—is driven from a deep level within your being. It expresses itself with a different “language” than what we are accustomed to. The soul uses images, symbols and metaphor to communicate. Understanding the soul’s language and learning how to support the inner process of transformation greatly facilitates the midlife transformation process, making the journey more conscious and assuring the greatest expression of your authentic essence.

The journey of bringing your entire being and life in alignment with your soul’s potential and purpose transitions through four “alchemical” phases. Each phase creates an opportunity to let go of and step into a great expression of your potential, and it takes a guide who has traveled this path, knows the way and the language of the soul to help you transition into the potential waiting to be lived in your soul.

Nancy is that guide, and through the nine-month process she will guide you through each phase in support of you creating the life longed to be lived within you.

You will explore all areas of your life with the intention of bringing each into alignment with your soul’s potential and purpose, focusing on health, spiritual practice, relationships, environment and career/work. This creates a foundation of sustainability in living as you were meant to live and supporting your soul’s purpose.

“No matter where you are in life, Nancy has an innate ability to guide you back to your true self, to knowing and trusting who you uniquely are. It is incredibly empowering and life-changing.”

~ Megan M.

In support of living this greater expression of your authentic self and power, you will talk with Nancy every two weeks for specialized guidance, support and release work as needed to continue to unfold and create a fulfilling life. The calls will address issues you may be experiencing, celebrate your accomplishments and implement changes to support the full expression of your radiant authentic self.

In this nine-month program, you will address deep core conditioning and limiting beliefs during a six-hour in-person/Skype intensive. Using the Human Design and Gene Keys systems integrated with Deep Emotional Release Bodywork™ as well as several other innovative healing modalities Nancy has integrated and perfected, you will have the opportunity to clear both conscious and unconscious blockages that have been robbing you of your inner joy, clarity in decision-making and self-worth.  By experiencing this intensive early in your coaching program, you clear your inner space, allowing your soul to more fully express your authentic nature and facilitating the emergence of your soul’s true power.

To explore whether this is the best program for you, apply for a complimentary Unlock Your Design Session. You and Nancy can discuss your situation, identify your needs and determine whether this or another program is the best one to serve you.