Mentoring Programs

Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find all the
barriers within yourself
that you have built against it

~ Rumi

Nancy offers many ways to receive guidance,
discover your soul’s purpose and live your best life!


Get Soul Clarity Now!

The blueprint of your soul’s unique expression was created within you Everyday Spirituality, Human Design Mandalathe moment you were born. Your Human Design Life Chart illuminates this blueprint.

It’s like having your own personal GPS system to guide you to fulfillment, joy and success!

Knowing your Human Design helps you to:

  • Make decisions easier and more consistently correct for YOU
  • Align with your life purpose
  • Improve your relationships
  • Achieve the freedom to finally be yourself without judgment
  • Understand how to best use your talents and skills
  • Know that you’re finally living your soul’s purpose

In this introductory program, Nancy reveals the basics of who you are designed to be—your soul’s unique expression!



Ignite Your Purpose

Nancy has created this one-of-a-kind, power-packed transformation program that illuminates and ignites your soul’s highest purpose—the life you were born to live.

Utilizing Human Design and Gene Keys, the two newest self-awareness and personal transformation systems, Nancy will reveal your soul’s highest purpose in remarkably accurate detail.

Your highest purpose–your unique genius–is embedded in your DNA. It was activated the moment you were born. Based on your birth information, your Human Design Life Chart coupled with your specific Gene Keys reveals your unique genius—your soul’s highest potential and purpose.

Understanding your unique Human Design and your specific Gene Keys give you a personal GPS by which to successfully navigate life and achieve your soul’s highest purpose.



The next three transformation programs are unique and brand new. Their own webpages will be coming soon! To find out more, email or schedule a time to speak with Nancy using this link to her calendar.


Heal Your Relationships

To achieve your highest purpose, you first must heal your core relationship wounds and dysfunctional patterns. There is a specific path of healing programmed into your DNA, and in this program, you will discover the healing path you are designed to tread and identify the steps required to connect with and heal your heart, the seat of your greatest wisdom.


Align for Success

In your DNA is the programming for succeeding in your career and business. In this program, you will identify your innate talent, the culture that supports your success, the essence of your brand—the quality that you naturally radiate to the world—and how you are designed to take action in your business and career. When you embrace and cultivate these elements, you will activate your unique gift, waiting deep within your DNA to grace your work. Knowing and embodying these essential elements help you to align your business and career for the greatest fulfillment and success.


Empower Your Relationships

When two people come together, their energy systems merge, creating a unique dynamic. This dynamic is revealed by exploring the composite of the two individual Human Design Life Charts. In this program, you will understand the specific energetic qualities that drive the experience of being with each other. It will provide you with a deep understanding of the relationship’s dynamics, how to best take advantage of the unique connections you share, and how to navigate the challenges.


90 Days to Your Unique Brilliance

You have two choices for your life…

Discover who you are and live the life you were born to live – OR – adapt to other people’s ways of living, thinking and making decisions.

The second way more often than not leaves your soul unfulfilled and feeling frustrated, lost, exhausted and overwhelmed.

If you are tired of feeling frustrated, exhausted and disappointed with how your life is unfolding, and you are seriously ready to step into your soul’s potential and purpose, then this could be the program for you. Nancy created 90 Days to Your Unique Brilliance to catapult you into living the life you are designed to live.

During the 90 Days to Your Unique Brilliance, you will:

  • experience the life-changing revelation of your essential nature
  • naturally and effortlessly begin to align with who you truly are
  • discover how to bring your best self into your relationships
  • learn your unique path to business success

This unique program is a synergistic combination of the Get Soul Clarity Now!, Heal Your Relationships and Align for Success programs. Traversing the path of this supercharged program will accelerate embodying the person you were born to be and begin improving your career, relationships and life immediately!



Nancy guided me through the steps, exercises, homework and meditational journeys to help me discover a powerful woman that was emerging in me. Nancy is a power source of knowledge and skill to get you moving and seeing in the direction of your soul’s calling. Check out all she has to offer! Nancy helps me play big…

— Chris F.


26 Prayer WheelsSmNine – Month Mentoring Program

During major transitions in your life, you can feel overwhelmed, lost, exhausted and unsure of how to move forward to create a more meaningful life. No where is this more evident than in the midlife passage—the time when your soul calls you to individuate—to let go of the life you have lived that is either ending or no longer bringing joy—and create a life that gives meaning, fulfillment and a greater expression of your true gifts and talents—one that allows you to live your soul’s purpose and potential.

It takes nine months to grow and birth a baby, and Nancy created this nine-month mentoring program to do just that…help you rebirth YOU into your soul’s potential and create a life that aligns with your purpose.

Spring boarding off the Get Soul Clarity Now!, Ignite Your Purpose or 90-Days to Your Unique Brilliance program, this nine month mentoring program supports you in recreating your life in alignment with your soul’s potential and purpose. While those programs create fundamental transformation within your being, it takes time and focus to recreate your life to align with the truths and new resonances you receive from those transformational programs.