Ignite Your Purpose

Imagine. . .

how your life would be different if you knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt,

your soul’s highest purpose.

Everyday Spirituality

How would knowing your highest purpose change how you spend each day?

How you made decisions?

Who you chose to engage with?

What projects you took on?

What if you had a reliable map—your own personal GPS—to guide you to stay on your path,

consistently making decisions that align with your highest purpose and

bringing you ease, success and fulfillment in all areas of your life?


Seem impossible?

It’s not.

Ignite Your Purpose

A transformational program to awaken you to your soul’s highest
purpose and put you on your path


Nancy has created this one-of-a-kind, power-packed transformation program that illuminates and ignites your soul’s highest purpose—the life you were born to live.

Utilizing Human Design and Gene Keys, the two newest self-awareness and personal transformation systems, Nancy will reveal your soul’s highest purpose in remarkably Everyday Spirituality, Human Design Mandalaaccurate detail.

Your highest purpose–your unique genius–is embedded in your DNA. It was activated the moment you were born. Based on your birth information, your Human Design Life Chart coupled with your specific Gene Keys reveals your unique genius—your soul’s highest potential and purpose.

The power behind your Human Design is that it helps you understand not only how you are designed to live, but also how to consistently make decisions that support living your highest purpose every day, bringing greater fulfillment and success in all areas of your life.

Knowing the specific Gene Keys hidden in your design unlocks the gift of your highest purpose by identifying the limiting patterns and conditioning needed to be released to manifest your unique genius. These lower-frequency patterns trap you in unconscious behaviors and beliefs that perpetuate stress, suffering, fear and doubt. Releasing them allows the gifts lying in your DNA to flourish.

Understanding your unique Human Design and your specific Gene Keys give you your personal GPS by which to successfully navigate life and achieve your soul’s highest purpose.

Nancy’s Human Design reading was SPOT ON.

It really gave me confirmation as to exactly why I have chosen the profession I am in and that I am 100% aligned with my purpose and mission. I also received really astute insight into myself and my decision making process that has allowed me to simply relax into life more and make better business decisions. This reading was invaluable and not only benefits me, but also my team and all my clients. I highly recommend it!

-Kelly O’Neil
Brand Marketing Strategist and Master Results Coach


When you Ignite Your Purpose, here’s what you can expect:

  • Understanding, acceptance and recognition of who you truly are—a validation of the perfection of your soul’s blueprint
  • Clarity of your soul’s purpose and the limiting patterns that keep you from living your purpose
  • Greater ability to and ease in consistently making decisions that support you living a successful, fulfilling and meaningful life
  • Insight into where you are acting out of limiting beliefs and conditioning
  • Clarity of the steps to take to manifest your full potential and live your highest purpose


The program includes:

  • A self-exploration packet to clarify where you are in your life and what is holding you back from living your purpose
  • A 60-minute Activation Session with Nancy utilizing your Human Design and Gene Keys to reveal and activate your unique genius and the path to actualizing your purpose
  • A 60-minute Implementation Session with Nancy to deepen your understanding, increase your awareness and identify how to align your life with your purpose


I was a little skeptical starting the process, but going through my Human Design with Nancy was a real eye opener.

It felt like reconnecting with my ‘true self’, sloughing off years of conditioning and life experiences to understand who I am at a most elemental level. I have more work to do on my own, but this was just the kick-starter I needed to start creating the life I want – authentic and entirely me.

Thank you Nancy!

— Bay Area Professional Woman


Your investment for the Ignite Your Purpose program is $497.

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