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Maui Beach Sunset_wmYou have two choices in life

to live the life you were born to live


to live the life you were conditioned to live.

The greatest source of pain in life is not living your soul’s purpose – your soul’s unique design.


Most of us live lives of great inner conflict, struggling between what we long to do and what we feel we have to do. The cost is a life of compromise, settling, and inner turmoil leading to never experiencing our greatest joy and fulfillment.

Unless you are consistently living your soul’s design,
you are facing situations right now that could be easier.

You are likely blind to opportunities that are right in front of you, and even if you see the opportunities, quite likely struggle with gaining clarity about the best way forward. Why wait to free yourself to choose your calling and what serves you?

Learning your Human Design—
which reveals the blueprint of your soul’s potential and purpose—
gives you peace and clarity by finally accepting and celebrating who you really are.


The blueprint of your soul’s unique expression was created within you Everyday Spirituality, Human Design Mandalathe moment you were born. Your Human Design Life Chart illuminates this blueprint.

It’s like having your own personal GPS system to guide you to fulfillment, joy and success!

Knowing your Human Design helps you to:

  • Make decisions easier and more consistently correct for YOU
  • Align with your life purpose
  • Improve your relationships
  • Achieve the freedom to finally be yourself without judgment
  • Understand how to best use your talents and skills
  • Know that you’re finally living your soul’s purpose

I came to the session with Nancy because I was coming out of a very tough period in my life and wanted some clarity. I was out of the worst of the crisis part of it but still struggling with how to break a very old pattern once and for all.

My session with Nancy was extraordinary. It put into words with great and detailed precision several tendencies that have been pretty much constant themes throughout my life.

Being truly ‘seen’ and acknowledged in this way was both profound and extremely validating. It gave me a lot of clarity on where I want to go next in my life.

 – Simon B.

Get Soul Clarity Now! is for you if:

You are ready for and serious about living your soul’s purpose
You want more out of your life than what you are currently getting
You are open to new answers and possibilities
You know you don’t have your life completely figured out

After this program, you will…

  • Know your specific Human Design Energy Type, Authority (how to make consistent correct decisions) and Life Path
  • Understand how your Human Design supports your goals and dreams
  • See the blind spots and specific challenges as highlighted in your design
  • Be clear on your next steps to living your full potential

The program includes:

  • A pre-call, self-exploration packet to clarify where you are in your life right now and what you want to change
  • A 60-minute Human Design Activation Session tailored to address the responses in your self-exploration packet
  • A 60-minute Integration Session that will review your Human Design, answer any questions you may have and define action steps to living your Soul’s Purpose.

Your investment for the Get Soul Clarity Now program is

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