Choose ME

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Choose ME!

What does that really mean? This is the message I’ve been getting from the Universe lately. I can’t tell you how many times recently from different sources this notion along with the Rumi quote have been thrust into my awareness.

But really, what does that mean? My mind keeps wanting to know, and the mere fact that it’s come to me in so many different ways is telling me I need to explore what that truly means for me.

Truth is, my mind will never know. That’s the issue. My mind. My journey to being my total unabashedly unique and beautiful self has nothing to do with my mind…and it does. It sounds paradoxical, but my truth does not live in my mind. That’s the issue. My mind thinks it does, and I’ve been massively conditioned that the mind is where it’s at. My truth, my identity, my decision clarity, my brilliance, and my guidelines for life. When I stay in my mind, trusting that brilliant mechanism that has driven my “success” for so many years, I’m safe there, but I conform and compromise, mostly to my conditioned beliefs about who and what I need to be to be “acceptable.” Unfortunately, my body and heart pay an enormous price. Success has been fleeting and has cost me deep happiness and true freedom. Freedom to be who I was born to be—a wild, passionate, creative and brilliant woman.

I recently learned that when

we as women compromise our emotionality (read cut off from our emotional power and body wisdom), we cut ourselves off from our creativity and our sexuality.

The three are interlinked and inseparable.

The western world has evolved exalting the masculine approach of mind and action, relegating women’s creativity to child-bearing and -raising. In the past several decades women have had more choices. Women have been stepping up and into more visible roles, but in many cases, mine included, we’ve only stepped into the masculine framework of utilizing our minds and our actions to succeed.

What that does is cut women off from their emotional wisdom, creativity and sexual energy. Women are immensely creative, but unless we reconnect with the wisdom that lives in our bodies through valuing and enlivening our feminine power—which includes our sexual energy—we limit the potential, joy and impact we are meant to have in our lives.

I’ve had countless women ask me to teach them how to reconnect with their sensuality and sexual energy, which I now understand is the key to women’s creativity and true feminine power. I’ve been reluctant to step into that role because frankly I really didn’t think I knew how to do that. Well, the message I’m getting from so many directions is

it starts with ME!

It starts with me fully embracing my body’s wisdom and creativity. It means start choosing ME, choosing to love me…all of me…all of the crazy, unpredictable, unconventional, unorthodox, passionate, and wild ME! And not just once in awhile, but every day, every moment. To fully embrace, love and honor my body, my heart and my soul.

It’s way more than just an intellectual notion. It’s truly tuning in and going with my body’s energetic nudgings, the way I am designed to get direction in my life, even when it’s scary to do so! It’s staying out of my mind, where I’m quite comfortable and safe, and going into the mostly uncharted territory of my heart and body’s language of feeling. It’s my only way forward, and it means letting go of much of the way I’ve lived my life in the past.

My guidance from a dear friend and wise coach was choose ME. I’ve been sitting with that this past week as I’ve been flat on my back with a nasty bug, the first significant illness I’ve had in years. My soul basically insisted I take time to contemplate where I’ve not been choosing ME. It is asking me to fall in love with me…to be in a vibrant, happy, loving relationship with myself first.

That reflection coupled with the Rumi quote led me to realize that, like many women, I still have places in my life where I give my power away to my mind, to others, to old conditioning, to “shoulds.” I realized it’s holding me back from the life I truly desire, the life I am meant to live.

So, my task is clear. To find and remove all the remaining barriers I have within myself to fully loving, honoring and embracing the wild, creative, passionate, sexy and brilliant woman who lives in ME! I’ve definitely made progress over the years, but the message is clear. It’s time for me to bust through the remaining layers of restraint, and fully trust my body’s wisdom. It means living my life on my own terms and in my own way…for real!

Are you with me?

If you want to live your full unabashedly powerful, creative and unique self, book a time to chat with me, and let’s break through together! I’m exploring offering a breakthrough retreat for women in June, and l would love to hear from you what would make that an event you couldn’t miss!