90-Days to Your Unique Brilliance

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Utilizing Human Design and Gene Keys, the two newest self-awareness tools, Nancy will reveal your life in remarkably accurate detail.

Based on your birth information, your Human Design Life Chart shows your life’s greatest expression—your soul’s potential.

Knowing your unique Human Design gives you a GPS by which to successfully navigate and achieve your best life.

Utilizing your specific Gene Keys illuminates and unlocks your higher purpose hidden in your DNA.


You have two choices for your life…

Discover who you are and live the life you were born to live – OR – adapt to other people’s ways of living, thinking and making decisions.

The second way more often than not leaves your soul unfulfilled and feeling frustrated, lost, exhausted and overwhelmed.


During the 90 Days to Your Unique Brilliance, you will:

  • experience the life-changing revelation of your essential nature
  • naturally and effortlessly begin to align with who you truly are
  • discover how to bring your best self into your relationships
  • learn your unique path to business success

The sessions with Nancy will enable you to discover the person you were born to be and start improving your career, relationships and life immediately!


I came to the session with Nancy because I was coming out of a very tough period in my life and wanted some clarity. I was out of the worst of the crisis part of it but still struggling with how to break a very old pattern once and for all.

My session with Nancy was extraordinary. It put into words with great and detailed precision several tendencies that have been pretty much constant themes throughout my life.

Being truly ‘seen’ and acknowledged in this way was both profound and extremely validating. It gave me a lot of clarity on where I want to go next in my life.

 – Simon B.


The three powerhouse components of the 90 Days to Your Unique Brilliance will teach you how to:

  • Understand and Activate your Soul’s Unique Design

    • Discover how your energy functions
    • Learn how to make consistent correct decisions
    • Recognize your gifts and talents
    • Identify the potential conditioning that’s limiting you
  • Heal the Patterns in Your Relationships
    • Identify the patterns of your relationships
    • Understand the relationship wounds that you are here to heal
    • Learn how to connect with your heart through the gifts in your design
  • Align with your Blueprint for Business Success
    • Identify your innate talent, ideal culture and essential brand
    • Activate the gift available from embracing your talent, culture and brand
    • Recognize the best way to take action to support success


Since taking part in this program, I have a more grounded sense of who I am, my unique challenges and my unique capabilities.

It feels better to know that these things are hardwired into my system. I know exactly what to work on to overcome gunky programming and I know what gifts to lean on in working through circumstances and situations. Having that grounded knowing is invaluable.

Knowing the Brand Radiance was also priceless as I build my business and I know exactly what gift I am to my clients. It has allowed me to feel more grounded in my knowing of what I provide to my clients. I can stand in the value of what I give.

– Alyssa R.


Prior to the start of the program, you will complete a self-exploration packet that will help customize the program to address your specific needs and what you’d like to achieve.

Then during each 30 days of the program, you will join Nancy for a live 90-minute Activation Session followed a week later by a 60-minute Implementation Session to support living your design, deepening your understanding, answering questions and releasing any identified conditioning or limiting patterns.

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